Waterproof Geological Compass | Digital Navigation Equipment

Multifunctional Outdoor Survival Military Compass, Camping Equipment, Waterproof Geological Compass, Digital Navigation Equipment


  • Luminous magnet arrow, rotary dial with 360° scale.
  • Made of high-strength engineering metal and covered by army green paint, which is capable of working under extreme weather conditions.
  • Waterproof and shake-proof, suitable for motoring, boating, camping, mountaineering, exploring, hunting, and other outdoor activities
  • Foldable metal lid. Floating compass dial with a 360°scale. Luminous magnet arrow. Adjustable prism lens.
  • Fine workmanship, attractive appearance, durability.
  • With CM and INCH ruler on each side of the compass.
  • To measure direction, longitude and latitude, horizontal, and so on.

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